Surf or Snow?

Why choose? 

When life gives you snow, snowboard.  

I’ve been lucky to spend a week out in Tignes Le Lac in the French Alps. Thanks for the beautiful weather and pistes Mother Nature, you wonderful woman. 

Here’s to a Christmas with friends and family, enjoying life, the world and the people around you. 



Brain freeze Wave freeze

Just a quick one.

I gave blood last night for the first time in about 5 years. It is still a great feeling to know that your blood will be used to help save someone’s life. 

However, today I have been thinking about one thing that would make this day or even week better. 

The brain freeze you get from a deep, long, duck dive. 

Does anyone else out there love to hate that feeling? And, more importantly, that if you could do it right now, you would? Well I would, right now. I would certainly yell and curse for a short minute afterwards, but it would certainly give me that Friday feeling. 

Have a great weekend. 

Too far from the sand



If productivity has anything to do with a relaxed workforce, I am pretty sure I am productive, but imagine how much it could improve.

As I sit staring at the office noticeboard, whiteboard and the sanctions policy I cannot help but think about the distance I am living from the water and sand.

Despite enjoying my job and the benefits of having a consistent income, I find myself daydreaming about using my lunch hour for some watery pursuits, or waking up early to catch the sunrise across any bay. At some point in the not too distant future, I need to make this happen and be able to escape the short distance to a beach.

That’s all for today, but something I will be pursuing in the future.


Fear or Surf? Many people …

Fear or Surf? Many people have a fear of the ocean. This fear can manifest as anxiety over sharks, injury, or the unknown darkness that lay just underneath the rippling surface of a wave. These emotions pull some of us away from surfing, or from achieving the things that we desire. We all have fears […]

The island with it all – a saint, mermaids, a giant and a family dynasty

London to Sydney Walkabout

The Cornish island St Michael’s Mount has a unique and entertaining history, giving its ‘parent’ Mont Saint-Michel more than a run for its money.

It has been a priory, a fort and then a long time family home.
The walkable path to the Mount is not visible at high tide

At low tide, the ancient cobbled pathway from the town of Marazion in Cornwall emerges from the sea enabling one to reach the Mount in a matter of minutes by foot, following in the footsteps of pilgrims and, legend says, a giant.

Yesterday when we arrive the tide is in so we are taken across the rather blustery sea by one of the regular boatmen.

Then it’s time to explore the winding pathways, the history and the legends.

There is the legend of Jack the Giant Killer, a young boy from Marazion, who bravely killed a number of Giants, including…

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